I have been a writer and editor for magazines and websites for 20 years. As a sub-editor for major lifestyle magazines in the UK, I developed exceptional skills at honing down copy to maintain the original tone, while increasing the impact – a skill that transfers well to the web and mobile applications.

As a feature writer for a wide range of titles, from cutting-edge design magazine Wallpaper to Men’s Fitness, and for customer magazines such as Jeep and John Lewis, I am used to adapting to different audiences and client needs alike.

In the world of online media, my experience includes producing written content for a private equity firm, an orthopaedic surgeon, Luxury Family Hotels, a legal finance company and a number of travel websites. I am currently Features Editor for a luxury lifestyle magazine, Manor www.manormagazine.co.uk

Passionate about adventure travel and rock climbing, I spent many years exploring the further reaches of the planet, working as a teacher and writing for Asian newspapers. After 15 years working at lifestyle magazines and copywriting for websites in London, I moved to West Cornwall with my young family. Swapping long-haul trips for local beaches, surf, cliffs and countryside, I still manage to feed my spirit of adventure.